Fly Green Fund participating in the Almedalen week

Besök av miljöministern

Seminars, a brainstorming session, an exhibition and useful meetings. Fly Green Fund has just finished a very intense Almedalen Week. The most important forum in Swedish politics.“It became evident that our investments in bio jet fuel are an important part of the bioeconomy and society’s sustainability work,” says MD Maria Fiskerud.

For the second year running, Fly Green Fund participated in the Almedalen Week in Visby. Last year focused on the airline business and Fly Green Fund’s partners from the Nordic aviation industry: Swedavia, EFS, KLM, BRA and SAS.

This year, it was time to present the first major business users: Swedavia, Löfbergs and Resia.

In addition, there was also a focus on the importance of cooperation with the companies that want to start local production of bio jet fuel.

“More and more people today know what Fly Green Fund is. This goes for companies, public authorities and politicians as well as individuals. At the Almedalen Week, we get invited to new and broader seminars and meetings, not least on the circular economy, bioeconomy and sharing economy. Our activities cover all these parts,” says Maria Fiskerud.

She is particularly pleased that many young people and organisations such as PUSH Sweden and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation show a great interest.

“We notice that Fly Green Fund and bio jet fuel are well-timed and being brought up not only at the seminars we participate in. This is a good sign for the future.”

The Almedalen Week is a place for meetings and networking for a broad range of Swedish society. Maria Fiskerud has taken the opportunity to meet with representatives for trade associations and NGOs as well as businesses, politicians and scientists.

“I am very pleased with the week and with all the exciting meetings. Among other things, there are now a few stakeholders who are interested in a joint application to start production. We want to continue from tests to certification and fuel that is ready for commercial use”, says Maria Fiskerud.

In a parallel development, Fly Green Fund has, together with Paper Province, SEKAB Biofuels & Chemicals and consultant COWI, just launched Fly Green Platform, a knowledge sharing service, to further spur the development.

After the summer, there will be new follow-up meetings aiming to make Sweden a world-leader in bio jet fuel.

This year’s major Fly Green Fund conference will be held in Stockholm on October 5.

“One of the speakers will be Maria Wetterstrand, chairperson of The Environmental Objectives Council, set up by the government. All those interested in sustainability and bio jet fuel are welcome to the seminar. Save the date!” urges Maria Fiskerud.