Almedalen: Seminar on circular economy


Fly Green Fund was one of the membership organisations invited by the trade association IKEM – Innovation and Chemical Industries in Sweden to a well-visited seminar entitled ”Environmental Objectives lead to better environment and competitiveness – true or false?”.

The seminar was a part of Wednesday’s theme Circular economy in the Industrial area, where 13 industrial organisations cooperate under the headline “Industry takes the challenge.”

The theme day was opened by Karolina Skog, Minister for the Environment (Green Party), who among other things stressed that environment and climate issues need to be integrated in all areas of society.

“Circular economy is a decisive element of the Swedish environment and climate work”, Karolina Skog stated.

Participants on the panel were Maria Fiskerud, MD Fly Green Fund, Maria Wetterstrand, chairperson of the The Environmental Objectives Council, set up by the government, Johan Widheden, Sustainability Manager at Akzo Nobel and Lena Westerholm, Sustainability Manager at ABB Sweden.

Also participating were Stefan Henningsson, spokesperson for climate innovations at WWF Sweden, Victor Rundquist, spokesperson for environment and rural policies in the Centre Party Youth and Philip Botström, president of the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League.

Maria Fiskerud pointed out that cooperation in the entire value chain is important – and that the state and authorities are most welcome to lead the way.

“We must carry out the transition together. Aviation is a low price market and cannot achieve it on its own”, she stressed.

Maria Fiskerud also explained that bio jet fuel works like green electricity and that Fly Green Fund in practice sells decreased CO2 footprint per flight:

“World Economic Forum has taken a look at our business model. They have concluded that it can probably be used in other areas as well.”