Almedalen: Workshop for Regional Fly Green Funds


Participating from the start are the Swedish regions Värmland, Halland, Västernorrland, Jämtland-Härjedalen and Kalmar.

“The aim is for the regions to be able to learn from each other and see how they can make regional investments, both to have more people in the region fly on bio jet fuels and to contribute to starting production. We have received funds from The Swedish Transport Administration to pursue this issue and cooperate with both universities, trade and industry, municipalities and regions,” says Fly Green Fund MD Maria Fiskerud.

Fly Green Fund Region has been created for organisations, businesses and individuals who want to take on a leadership role within the sustainability field. A region could for example obtain help setting a target for its climate footprint and decrease its CO2 emissions from flying.

The brainstorming session during the Almedalen Week functioned as a first meeting. A follow-up workshop will be held in connection to this year’s Fly Green Fund conference in Stockholm on October 5.