Almedalen: Seminar on fossil free aviation


Together with Swedavia, Fly Green Fund arranged a seminar on Thursday at ”Aktuell Hållbarhet Arena” entitled ”How do we obtain fossil free aviation?”.

Participants on the panel were Maria Fiskerud, MD at Fly Green Fund, Lena Wennberg, Sustainability and Environmental Manager at Swedavia, Eva Eriksson, Sustainability Manager at Löfbergs, Karin Wadmark, responsible for business travels within Resia, Ylwa Alwarsdotter, Senior Vice President Market Developments at SEKAB Biofuels & Chemicals and Louise Goding, who this spring wrote a master’s thesis at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences on the interest and readiness for businesses and single individuals to pay for bio jet fuel.

Isabel Engström, regional councillor for the Swedish Green Party on Gotland, moderated the seminar.

Maria Fiskerud told the audience that so far, more than 2,000 flights with bio jet fuel have been carried out globally. But the only production so far is in the US, which a number of Swedish stakeholders now want to change.

“We have the biomass – there is plenty of sawdust and rest products from the forest that we can use. Our assessment is that we could get production going in Sweden within one to three years. There are amazing opportunities here,” Ylwa Alwarsdotter stressed.

Lena Wennberg talked about Swedavia’s environmental targets: Within four years, Swedavia’s own activities should have reached zero emission of fossil CO2.

A step towards this goal is for all business flights within Swedavia to be carried out with renewable bio jet fuel from this year on.

“We have shown that it is possible to use Fly Green Fund’s services though public procurement. We will be happy to help others who want to do the same thing,” Lena Wennberg stated.

Louise Goding presented her study, showing that seven out of ten companies are interested in paying a higher price – some twelve per cent more – to fly on bio jet fuel.

This trend has also been noted by Karin Wadmark:

“Previously, the customer has mostly striven to cut costs. Now we see an increased interest in sustainability.”

Family-owned coffee producer Löfbergs is one of the companies that have been committed to Fly Green Fund’s work from the start.

“Previously, we have bought carbon offsets for our flights, but now we take the same amount of money and use it to develop green bio jet fuel for the future,” Eva Eriksson concluded.

The seminar in its entirety can be seen here (in Swedish):


Inspelning av seminariet: Hur får vi till ett fossilfritt flyg?